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Developer of Ersatz-11, a software PDP-11 emulator for MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, OS/2, and bare-metal PCs giving emulation speed far faster than the PDP-11/93. The free demo version may be used for 30-day commercial evaluation, or unlimited personal/hobby use. Information about commercial versions is available here. Take a live RSX11M+ V4.6 system for a test drive here.


PDP-11 Emulation System

Click here to try out a live RSX11M+ V4.6 demo system

Ersatz-11 emulates an entire PDP-11 system in software while running on low-cost PC hardware. It outperforms all of the hardware PDP-11 replacements on the market, outstripping them by a particularly wide margin in disk-intensive applications. Hardware PDP-11 replacements that use a Q-bus, Unibus, or ISA bus for I/O can't come close to Ersatz-11's disk performance because they are limited to the speed of the I/O bus for all disk transfers, regardless of actual disk (or disk cache) speed. Ersatz-11 avoids this bottleneck since it uses the PC's main memory and takes advantage of the tight disk-to-memory coupling in modern PCs.

Ersatz-11 is by far the least expensive PDP-11 replacement product on the market. It quickly pays for itself in reduced maintenance, power, and climate control costs. Since its CPU is powered by the PC's processor and not a special-purpose processor card, there's no expensive custom hardware to maintain, and future upgrades to the PC's processor will make its PDP-11 emulation even faster.

Orders for Ersatz-11 are usually shipped out the same day.

Ersatz-11 features (Note: not all are available in Demo version)

Processor emulation:

([1]experimental feature provided without support)

Disk devices:
A very wide range of PDP-11 disk devices may be emulated using several forms of physical media. Click here for information.

Tape devices:
Similarly, a variety of PDP-11 tape devices are supported. Click here for a list.

Serial ports:
E11 emulates RS232 and 20 mA serial ports and multiplexors using external ports and/or emulated VT100 sessions. Click here for details.

Network interfaces:
The efficient Ethernet subsystem allows DECnet, LAT, TCP/IP, or other protocols to work through a regular PC Ethernet card, with higher throughput than the original PDP-11 ports. Click here for more information.

Video displays:
VT11, VT30, and Terak 8510/a graphics displays are emulated in all but the Linux version of E11.

Bus adapters:
The "full" versions of E11 include support for Q-bus and Unibus adapters, so that real hardware may be attached to the virtual PDP-11. Click here for information.

Miscellaneous devices:
E11 also supports digital I/O devices, graphics devices, and programmable clocks, as well as dynamically installable plug-ins which allow custom or user-written device emulations to be added to E11 at runtime. Click here for information.

Other features:

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