Multi-serial boards

Model Pro Con
Comtrol RocketPort/PCI Very fast, easy to configure Only the "Plus" version supports the RI modem signal
Chase Research PCI-FAST Fast, cheap, easy to configure No RI modem signal, high software overhead under heavy serial load, but fine for editing or data entry
Digi Acceleport Xe Intelligent, low overhead ISA boards, hard to configure due to memory window, input data flushed to host only 100x/sec max
BocaBoard Very cheap ISA boards, hard to configure w/o conflicts, high software overhead under heavy serial load

Most of the above boards are available with either DB25 or RJ45 connectors; note that most RJ45 cables, connectors, and adapters support only eight pins (out of ten possible) and drop the "RI" modem signal, which is rarely used in PC applications but is a regular part of PDP-11 dialup configurations.

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