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This board is in response to a suggestion to make a DE9 version of the DLVDB25 board. Since a DE9 version would be useful only on PCs, and actually only on PCs old enough to have COM ports, I figured a PC-specific cable might as well incorporate a USB-to-serial adapter.

This would be a challenge to hand-solder. Paste from a syringe, and a hot plate or toaster oven are the way to go. If you do try to solder one by hand, I'd definitely recommend doing the mini-USB connector first because you'll lose what little access you have to the pins once C11 is on.

The schematic should be fairly self-explanatory, and the Gerbers are all ready to be sent to a place like OSH Park. This is a link to the OSH Park project page for this board, so you can order blank boards w/o having to upload the files. The small parts are all 0805s except for the 3.2 x 2.5 mm crystal, and you want the narrow SOIC version of the MAX202.

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